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Got your own ideas for how to creatively use your marketing budget? Sounds like you’re our kind of person! Our wraps can go wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling, inside or outside, and can even be applied to tables, counters, or anything else you can imagine! If you’re going somewhere that no one has gone before, we’d love to trail blaze with you, so just give us a call!

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At Car Colour Wraps, we are All About Business. We offer a sales generating product that is by far THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE FORM OF ADVERTISING on the planet. The cost per impression (eyes that see a company’s message or brand) is pennies per impression when you amortize the cost of a wrap over the life of its exposure.
What this means is you will generate TONS of business leads while you drive your vehicle from location to location. Driving is something you were going to do already, now you can PROFIT from it. It’s like having a salesperson that never stops working for you!

We Offer: Custom Vehicle Wraps – Fleet Wraps – Vehicle Graphics – Boat Wraps – Window Displays – Vinyl Wraps – and More!

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