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About Car Colour Wraps

Car Colour Wraps was initially set up purely as a vehicle wrapping company, dedicated to using the best wrap films in the industry to provide excellent car and vehicle wraps at competitive prices. With the knowledge of the best wrapping vinyl materials and wrap application techniques, we are now expanding to offer more than just high-quality vehicle wraps. From our Manchester based wrapping unit, we can offer a full range of products and services associated with the vehicle styling and modification sector.
Our aim at Car Colour Wraps is to provide a one-stop shop for all of our customer’s vehicle styling needs. While wrapping a vehicle we often have to remove parts of the vehicles standard trim, so replacing these parts for upgraded non-OEM products has the very little impact on turnaround times and can save our customers time, hassle and most importantly money.
With a rich list of trusted motor trade associates, we can not only provide our own products and services but also theirs. This means that should our customers require repairs to their vehicle before a wrap or want to improve their vehicles performance we can arrange for all work to be carried out; again saving the customer time, hassle and saving them money

Boat Wraps and Graphics

Custom boat graphics are available for any need, from the simple vinyl lettering to a full wrap including transom, console, inside walls, outside walls, tower, and even trailer. Car Colour Wraps provides a full turnkey solution from concept and design to print and installation of your boat graphics. The process starts with analyzing your wants and needs for your custom wrap, from there our designers will provide mockups to ensure you get the perfect look for your boat. We then move to the printing and lamination process and onto the installation. No matter if you are a tournament fisherman, charter captain, speedboat owner, or weekend cruiser, we can transform your boat to meet your unique attitude and needs.

Matte & Specialty Wraps

Specialty wraps include but are certainly not limited to Black Matte & White Matte, Various Matte, Chrome Wraps, Carbon Fiber Wraps, Pearl Wraps, Camo Wraps, Brushed Metal Wraps, Even Textured Wraps such as Leather, Alligator and Snake Skin, While we offer a huge assortment of custom wraps, not beat the WOW factor that our specialty wraps offer. Specialty wraps are all of our favorites. No matter what else you do to customize your car, these specialty films will always be the transformation that sets yours out from all the others. Now that our loved black matte wraps have been around for so long the demand is greater for more custom matte colors and other various vinyl films like the pearl carbon fiber or black mamba alligator skin vinyl.

Get Your Company Seen by an Average of 105,000 People 

Car Colour Wraps is your trusted source for creating striking vehicle graphics for your fleet or business vehicles. Johannesburg, Car Colour Wraps vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective and noticeable ways to display your company information, allowing you to maximize your branding in your area by taking it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re taking care of business around Johannesburg, South Africa or just parking in a high traffic spot (allowing you to get around pesky permit costs), your potential customers will take note of this often-overlooked method of advertising. Best of all, once vehicle graphics have been installed there are no ongoing advertising costs, and it all comes at a price that’s even cheaper than a basic newspaper ad.

Need Service?

If you’re ready for your physical assets to start putting money back into your pocket, contact Car Colour Wraps and let us picture something for you today!

Wraps are a wise advertising investment. Advertising is brought to the public, which means businesses reach a larger demographic of potential customers. The cost of publicity is economic, and the advertisement has the potential of being on the vehicle for more than five years. Adhesive vinyl looks as good as new paint and costs a lot less.
This type of advertising is a fast-growing concept. Graphic wraps are extremely useful in cutting clutter and noise to grab the attention of pedestrians, motorists, and commuters. Advertising gets no easier than this. Every industry has small companies and businesses that rely on wrap advertising when promoting their services and products in their communities and on the streets and highways.
Using wraps allows the business owner to target an audience and harness outdoor advertising power. Millions of pedestrians and commuters capture the advertising plug. The wraps are also extremely effective when advertising a time-sensitive event or promoting a new product.
Companies with delivery and fleet vehicles find the wraps advantageous. Advertisers, large corporations, and small businesses see wraps as a necessary advertising component of marketing plans in terms of the cost. There is no better advertising return on investment. Unlike radio, magazines, newspapers, and TV, there is no renewal fee or monthly charge. Because the wraps are long-lasting, thousands of daily impressions occur without any extra cost involved. Whether the goal is self-expression, or promoting a small, home-based, or multinational business, car graphics are a cost-effective and creative way of doing so.

We Offer: Custom Vehicle Wraps – Fleet Wraps – Vehicle Graphics – Boat Wraps – Window Displays – Vinyl Wraps – and More!

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