Awesome Car Wraps.


Brake calipers are often overlooked. But they are an important component of your vehicle’s appearance. Most vehicles come with unpainted calipers from the manufacturer and most of the time are cast metal and tend to become rusty. A coat of paint makes the caliper look good and protects it against corrosion and it also makes it easier to keep clean. The brake calipers are not removed from the car to carry out the painting process, as this would require disconnecting and disturbing hydraulic brake lines and would require bleeding of the system, which would add considerable additional time and expense to the process. Removing the calipers would also create a safety issue with the antilock brake system. Painting your brake calipers has functional benefits and it upgrades your vehicle’s look and style. The caliper painting process consists of cleaning your calipers off existing grime, rust deposits, and uneven surfaces. We will make sure that the calipers are in the best condition possible prior to painting. We will send them as needed, then apply a coat of primer, than multiple coats of paint, until the desired shade is obtained. And finally, a clear coat is applied for paint protection. For extra added protection and a glossy look, multiple coats of Ceramic Pro can be applied. There are multiple color options to choose from. Also, logos like Brembo, AMG, or the manufacturer’s logo can be added to the painted calipers to give it a legitimate manufacturer look.

Benefits Of Car Wraps


Vehicle wraps and graphics are advertising that cannot be blocked, skipped, or ignored. It belongs to the 3% of ads that are noticed and liked.  


In addition to delivery and transportation, franchise wraps and graphics transform a fleet of vehicles into advertising billboards. 

Customer Retention

To customers, the encounters with the vehicle wraps remind them of their pleasant experiences with the franchise, encouraging their next visit.


As a national franchise, the consistent branding on fleet vehicles, uniforms, and other physical evidences present a professional and reliable image. 

Sales Stimulation

The repeated exposures of the franchise vehicle advertising connects with customers in the community and stimulate sales and store traffic.

Lead Generation

The brief contents on the vivid franchise graphics lead prospects to find out more about how the franchise’s offerings align with their needs. 

Graphics Management

With the franchise graphics installed, what’s next is to manage this professional fleet of vehicle advertisement. Content, consistent, condition, and communication are the four guidelines that help fleet managers manage their vehicle graphics. 


Ensure that all the franchise graphics have the most updated and correct information about the company.


All the vehicles in the fleet should have wraps and graphics that are coherent in representing the brand they endorse.


A franchise vehicle with dirty or damaged wraps and graphics undermine the pristine impressions of the brand.


Make sure that the franchise vehicle wraps and graphics communicate with both internal and external customers. 

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