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Car Detailing

At Car Colour Wraps we specialise in auto detailing and we love our job, cars are our passion and what better way to feed this passion than auto detailing. For our team there is nothing better than restoringenhancingprotecting and then carefully maintaining a vehicles appearance.

Restoring – taking a car back to factory finish. This performs a reset on the car removing any paint damage, contamination and oxidisation by means of Cleaning, polishing, sanding, extraction cleaning, paintwork and leather restoration.

Enhancing – better than brand newThis involves refining surfaces to the absolute in other words the best it can possibly be, this step requires alot of skill and time.

Protecting –  Lock in a perfect finish. Your car has been detailed and looks amazing now its time to protect that finish. we do this in two ways

  1. Ceramic coatings – we have partnered with SB3 Coatings from the USA they are the new standard when it comes to nano ceramic coatings. A relatively new technology ceramic coatings are a clear liquid that when cured they become a hardened structure on your vehicle’s paint, glass or wheels. The durability of SB3 coatings range in years, not months like a wax or a glaze sealant. We offer a wide variety of coatings for any surface. Ceramic coating packages

  2. Paint Protection film – PPF is the ultimate protection there is nothing stronger or more durable to protect your paint. The new generation films are light years ahead of older PPF that used to turn yellow and had a horrible orange peel texture, when installed our PPF is invisible and warrantied for 10 years against yellowing or cracking it is the glossiest, clearest and toughest available anywhere in the world. Paint protection film pricing

Maintaining – Keep your car looking good for years to come. Car washes are the number one cause of scratches and swirl marks on your paint, we strongly advise all our clients to only let experienced detailers wash their car to keep it in optimum condition at all times, we have a fully equipped indoor wash bay at our premises and a range of aftercare products to maintain ceramic coatings and paint protection film to keep them performing at their best.


Our highly skilled team has been privileged to work on some of the rarest and most valuable cars in the world, the passion we have translates to some of the most unbelievable transformations. The vision with Rocket has always been to be the best in the country and recent upgrades has taken our detailing game to the next level, we offer world class services and products right here in SA conveniently located in Sandton.

All of our packages and services are a result of countless hours of research and testing
to ensure we only use the most effective methods and products to deliver unbelievable
results in each and every detail.

We would love to take care of your vehicle.


Paint Protection Film (PPF)


A vehicles paint is vulnerable and often gets damaged when you least expect it. Paint protection film is the best solution to protecting your paint and preserving a vehicles finish. Our next generation PPF utilises a multi layered structure to provide the worlds best paint protection, our world class film is super glossy and its reflective finish is better than standard paint. The film is virtually invisible even up close and it has a specially engineered topcoat that repels dust and water keeping your car cleaner between washes. The best part of PPF and where it really adds value is that the film self heals minor swirls and scratches. It heals very quickly when warmed up or over a few days at room temperature. So if you parked somewhere and someone brushed up against your car installing swirls no problem leave the car out in the sun and they will disappear. It is the perfect solution for people who take pride in the appearance of their car.

Franchise vehicle wraps and graphics are vehicle graphics with a consistent designs applied to different vehicle types including sedans, vans, trucks, etc.. 

All franchise wraps and graphics should be produced with premium cast vinyl material and laminated for durable and long-lasting advertising.


Since franchise vehicles are commercial vehicles, the franchise wraps and graphics qualify as tax deductible items. (Please consult your accountant)

Communication is the key to success for a franchise vehicle wrap project. Close coordination between the franchiser, franchisee and the wrap studio determines the effective and efficient project outcome. 


A reputable wrap company will communicate well and manage the project from planning, design, production, through installation. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning for franchise wraps can extend its life span and ensure the brand endorsed looks good at all times.


Ensure that all the franchise graphics have the most updated and correct information about the company.


All the vehicles in the fleet should have wraps and graphics that are coherent in representing the brand they endorse.


A franchise vehicle with dirty or damaged wraps and graphics undermine the pristine impressions of the brand.


Make sure that the franchise vehicle wraps and graphics communicate with both internal and external customers. 

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