car wraps in 2 days 

Branding gives everyone an opportunity to transform, in short time and a treasonable prices, his/her personal transport on land, air and water.



Our Vehicle wrapping services cover both custom wraps for private individuals and corporate branding for businesses. We offer full vehicle wraps, half wraps and partial branding on vehicles. Vehicle branding fitment and application takes place at our main branch situated in Sandton, Johannesburg. If you prefer that the branding of your vehicle is done at your premises, we will quote an additional fee. Please note that this will result in a relatively high call-out fee, reason being that we need to make various trips if errors occur and we must reprint or re-cut the vinyl.

We provide our clients with an outstanding experience as our quality vehicle wrapping is done completely in-house by our specialised team, taking our clients from the designing process through to the completion of fitment and application on the vehicle.


Vehicle branding for your car can improve the appearance of your vehicle or make you stand out from the crowd. Vehicle wrapping will not damage your car’s paint and can be safely removed if needed except in cases where the wrong type of vinyl (Monomeric) is used in which case we can still assist you. Our team can assist you with a design if needed.

We offer vehicle wrapping in a regulated environment which is dust free, under a roof and with sufficient lighting ( all factors extremely neccessary for a quality wrap ) with the added advantage that we are able to wrap vehicles after hours, and in extreme cases, on weekends to ensure deadlines are met. 

The term vehicle wrapping refers to a wrap that chages the colour of your vehicle, such as white to matt black – we use a pre pigmented vinyl ( no printing involved) to change the colour appearance of your car. We are able to do a full wrap, half wrap or only certain components of your vehicle. Vehicle wrapping is not to be confused with vehicle branding , where usually corporate logos and decals are used to show off a brand, service or product. This pre-pigmented vinyl is available in a wide range of colours, ranging from standard gloss colours, to specialized matt colours or even chrome / rainbow effects. This vinyl will also protect your vehicle from scratches from everyday wear and tear, however we do suggest doing a clear anti-chip vinyl if your main goal is to protect your vehicle rather than changing the colour and if required, only specific panels with high wear and tear rather than the entire vehicle.

Please bear in mind that wrapping a vehicle differs to spray painting in the sense that we can only cover some parts and not every square mm as in the case of spray painting. The insides of the doors, trunk, bonnet etc will remain the vehicle’s original colour. 

The pricing with regards to full vehicle wraps are mainly dependant on the specific vinyl chosen ( visit our offices for a colour chart or see the online chart for an indication ) & the overall size of the vehicle. The cheapest option for a full wrap with a pre pigmented wrap, is gloss/matt black, white or clear vinyl – some vinyl types such as metallics or chromes may cost up to 4x more than basic colours.

Advantages of vehicle body wrapping :

1 – It protects the paint on your vehicle – of course, this will ensure the value of your vehicle will reduce at a lower rate – if you remove the vinyl after a few years, the original paint will still look perfect ( granted it was perfect before us wrapping it ) 

2 – It is the cheapest way of changing the body colour 

3 – Special effects are available that even the most professional spray painter cannot acheive

Feels like a brand-new car – every time

A full colour change vehicle wrap is the ideal solution to alter the overall look of your vehicle. With hundreds of colours and finishes to choose from, you can give your vehicle a truly distinctive look while protecting the original finish. Whether you are looking to simply change the all-over colour of your vehicle or create something with a truly unique finish, we have the solution for you at a fraction of the cost of respraying. We can also add logos or insignia underneath the wrap film to give you that special subtle embossed look, or further enhance the look with the addition of high gloss or matt paint protection films.

Why Choose Us?

We will always push our premium wrapping films, but we do have a variety of films to suit your budget. If our initial quote is too high, ask for our alternate materials so that we may have a chance of coming in at budget. Nearly 30 years in the industry means that we have paid our school fees, we have strategic partnerships with key premium film manufacturers. Besides that all of our applicators are fully 3M certified, which means that they have been through 3M’s training academy, which is of the highest level. Our vehicle wraps and branding options cater for all budgets and all vehicle sizes, if we don’t have your colour off the roll, then we can manufacture it with full-colour digital printing and a protective UV laminate for long lasting colour. Whether you are just looking to change the colour of your vehicle or looking to make a bolder more expressive statement on the road, we have the ideal custom branding solution for you. We also produce rear window stickers, car vinyl and custom vehicle decals so even if you don’t want a full car wrap, you can still get your vehicle branded. To top it all we have top quality paint protection films to protect your asset. Our dedicated sales team will be sure to advise you on the best products for your application and our skilled applicators and project managers make sure it’s always a job well done

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