Our Design Process.

Awesome Car Wraps.

Our Design Process.

Successful vehicle wraps or graphics design turns heads, earns engagement, gets remembered and influences behavior – all in approximately 2 – 5 seconds.  Fortunately, our creative process makes it easy to go from

I’d like something that…   to  That’s it!  quickly and affordably.


We provide complete design services. 

If you have a design, we will gladly work with your design and adapt it to meet the layout and installation requirements of your specific vehicle(s).  (Please see our resource on design requirements here.)

Alternatively, if you need help achieving that eye catching design for your vehicle(s) we are delighted to help you with a new design as well.

The Creative Process

Great designs happen when we understand your brand and communication priorities.  Our creative process allows us to prioritize what matters most to you in how you express your brand and what key message you want to deliver.  Some brands are serious and some are fun – the perfect design for one business will never be the same as the perfect design for another. Our goal is a great design that not only earns attention but also compliments your brand.

Vehicle wraps and graphic design

We specialize in vehicle and fleet graphics. We know how to determine which graphics are best suited for specific types of vehicles and specific types of execution – full panel wraps vs cut vinyl graphics.  Our designers always consult with our installers before finalizing the design to ensure that any design proposal we make can be replicated on the physical vehicle.

Project management

We help move your project through the process, on budget and on time. Learn more about our project management services project management services.

Our Process

Great Design

  • Pre-existing designs or new designs
  • Designs that meet your objectives
  • Transparent, easy to understand, creative process
  • All designs custom engineered to fit your vehicle(s)
  • Proofing process that keeps you in the driver’s seat

High Quality Fabrication

  • Premium brand name vehicle wrap vinyl
  • Best in class authentic HP inks
  • All printed graphics laminated to last

Professional Project Management

  • We respect your time and keep you informed.
  • 24/7 Fleet tracking by location and VIN#
  • Superior 5 point kitting process for smooth installations

Professional Vehicle Wrap Installers

  • Experienced
  • Certified
  • Sticklers for quality and details


  • High impressions
  • Lead generation
  • Business growth

The Riveting Difference

The best materials are only the beginning…


  • premium name brand vinyls designed specifically for long term use and durability. 
  • printed on a high resolutions HP printer using environmentally friendly vibrant latex inks. 
  • custom calibrated print settings specifically set for vehicle wrap vinyls with drying and curing temperatures custom profiled to maximize long term the life of the vinyl.
  • color management systems to produce wraps and graphics that hit your colors 
  • laminated using premium brand name laminates paired as recommended by the manufacturer for long term use and durability. 
  •  the best vinyl options to match the required life of your message and help you manage your budget accordingly. 


  • collaborative work process – no “one size fits all” design layouts
  • support for existing design or new design
  • a proven creative process designed to incorporate the unique qualities of your brand in your design
  • design adaptation engineered to fit the specific requirements of each unique vehicle
  • digital proofing process that keeps you in the driver’s seat


  • certified wrap installation business training best practices though out our organization
  • 3 point vehicle prep and cleaning prior to installation to ensure proper adhesion
  • no overheating or stretching vinyl
  • post heating in contoured areas to lock in vinyl memory to hold the curve
  • attention to detail and personal accountability

Our Installation Process.

We know your time is valuable.  Our objective is to minimize the time your vehicle is out of service.  It is customary, and smart, to produce the graphic only after confirming all the vehicle measurements.  In most cases, we measure your vehicle in advance so that the graphics are already produced when you drop off your vehicle for installation.  We can usually have you in and out within 48 hours for a full vehicle wrap, and often less for partial wraps and graphics. 

Experienced Certified Installers

We work with a combination of in-house and network of experienced vehicle wrap installers.  Installations can be scheduled at your location or ours.  Check out the necessary conditions for a successful installation at a remote location.

Experienced certified installers are trained on proper surface cleaning prior to installation and post heating once installation is complete.  These are just a few examples of the extra steps we deem necessary to ensure a high quality wrap installation.

Vehicle Check In and Check Out

Before any vehicle wrap installation, we take time to review the vehicle with you and make note of the paint and body condition and discuss how we will handle emblems and other hardware on the vehicle.  We photograph the vehicle so there are never any misunderstandings about the condition of the vehicle when it is left in our care.

When the installation is complete, we review the installation with our client to ensure they are pleased with the completed work.  This information is kept in our records to ensure proper warranty coverage of the vehicle wrap and graphics.

Every Step Managed and Communicated

Proper installation takes planning from the very start of your job. We provide our expertise up front, communicating time frames, logistics, and specifications from the beginning so everything goes without a hitch.

Project management

We help move your project through the process, on budget and on time. Learn more about our project management services.

Project Management


If you are like 99.9% of our clients, you’ve got more important things to do than planning, coordinating, anticipating, scheduling, overseeing, double-checking, and managing the details of all your vehicle graphics projects.  And that’s OK.  We actually enjoy putting all the pieces together for you, making sure everything is right, keeping everyone informed and your project on track.  We take pride in completing your projects on budget and on time – and the success is in the details.

The Riveting Wraps Way

At Riveting Wraps, project management and client communication are as important as quality design, fabrication and installations.  Our no surprise policy mandates that we keep you in the loop and deliver every step of the way. 


The vehicle wraps and graphics process is an inherently a high service collaborative process. A successful project requires access to your design assets, vehicle information, and ultimately your vehicles.  We treat your time and assets with the respect and care they deserve.   We work closely with you to deliver on your objectives, design requirements, time line and budget. 


We track each and every one of your vehicles by location and VIN#.  Using collaborative technologies that enable us to share the status and scheduled next step on every vehicle in your fleet, whether you have 100 vehicles or are just staring out with your first vehicle.  This information is available to you 24/7. 

Small, but Mighty

We are a small, but mighty company.  As a small company, we have the advantage of fluid communications among all our team members.  Our client success team, our designers and our installers review all active projects together daily.  This allows us to be responsive and respond quickly to issues or any change in plans.

No matter how involved your project, whether it’s the launch of a fleet of vehicles, or a new business with their first vehicle, we have the expertise to keep things running smoothly.


Ensure that all the franchise graphics have the most updated and correct information about the company.


All the vehicles in the fleet should have wraps and graphics that are coherent in representing the brand they endorse.


A franchise vehicle with dirty or damaged wraps and graphics undermine the pristine impressions of the brand.


Make sure that the franchise vehicle wraps and graphics communicate with both internal and external customers. 

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