Full Vehicle PPF Wrap – R36 000


A vehicles paint is vulnerable and often gets damaged when you least expect it. Paint protection film is the best solution to protecting your paint and preserving a vehicles finish. Our next generation PPF utilises a multi layered structure to provide the worlds best paint protection, our world class film is super glossy and its reflective finish is better than standard paint. The film is virtually invisible even up close and it has a specially engineered topcoat that repels dust and water keeping your car cleaner between washes. The best part of PPF and where it really adds value is that the film self heals minor swirls and scratches. It heals very quickly when warmed up or over a few days at room temperature. So if you parked somewhere and someone brushed up against your car installing swirls no problem leave the car out in the sun and they will disappear. It is the perfect solution for people who take pride in the appearance of their car.

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