High Grade Car Colour Wraps Wax


  • Exterior wash and detail – 13 step process
  • Full Interior valet and deep clean
  • Single stage paint correction (80% correction)
  • High Grade Car Colour Wraps wax applied to paint and wheels to protect and provide a deep gloss
  1. Vehicle is assessed and paint depth readings are taken around the car and documented
  2. Inside our indoor wash bay vehicle is carefully rinsed off and sprayed with a pre wash degreasing agent (NuVAX Versawash) and then rinsed again
  3. Vehicle is sprayed with foam and then carefully washed panel by panel using the 2 bucket wash system, high quality NuVAX soap and a soft wash mitt
  4. A clay bar is used to remove any surface contamination on the paint and glass
  5. NuVAX purge is used to remove iron contamination in the paint and vehicle is then rinsed again
  6. Paint and glass is blow dried and then carefully patted down with a soft plush towel
  7. Door jambs are cleaned and dried
  8. Wheels are removed from vehicle and individually cleaned with NuVAX versa wash to remove dirt and contamination
  9. Suspension and brake parts are cleaned
  10. Wheels and callipers are treated with NuVAX purge to remove iron contamination and deeply embedded brake dust
  11. Wheels are blow dried and then patted with a microfibre towel and fitted back on the vehicle
  12. Glass is cleaned with a dedicated ammonia free glass cleaner
  13. Vehicle is moved into a well lit detailing bay and wiped down with a iso panel wipe solution and is now ready to begin the paint correction process
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