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Car Colour Wraps provides professional vinyl wrapping services for cars, SUVs, and trucks in Gauteng, Johannesburg, and nearby areas. We provide all sorts of application types, though we are best known for adding color change vinyl wraps, racing stripes, vinyl graphics, hood and roof vinyl wraps to just about any vehicle type. Our team of experts have years and are equipped with professional tools, allowing them to complete perfect vinyl wrap application jobs on time and within your budget.
To achieve satisfactory results, we use only the best vinyl wrap materials on the market. Specifically, we offer customers a choice between the Avery Dennison and 3M Graphics brands – names that professional detailing and bodywork service providers trust throughout the world. These materials have been consistently proven to withstand punishment from the environment including UV rays, wind, rain, snow and small debris. When the time comes to remove these vinyl wraps, they come off without damaging your car’s paint and clear coat, allowing you to preserve your vehicle’s market value.
All of the vinyl wraps we use are guaranteed 100% genuine thanks to the fact that they’re sourced from the manufacturers’ authorized distributors. With Car Colour Wraps, you can be sure that the wraps’ warranty is in full effect and the material will look as good as the day it was applied for years to come.
Decades ago, the only way to add personality to your car’s body was to put it through an expensive paint job that would cost several thousands of dollars. You would also have to find a really good service provider to make sure that the job comes out flawless. As you may guess, paint jobs are permanent and they often degrade a vehicle’s resale value. Just because you wanted to make your car look different doesn’t mean that the next owner would appreciate the customizations.
Vinyl wraps works around these issues by offering a low-cost alternative that’s much easier and quicker to apply. It’s highly versatile and comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from. The best part is that it’s non-permanent and it’ll come off when you decide that you no longer want it. Properly installed vinyl wraps will not damage your car’s paint, allowing it to retain its aftermarket value.

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Color Change Vinyl Wrap

Color change vinyl wrap is by far the best way to change your car’s entire body color. It costs a fraction of what a paint job would, it only takes 2-3 days to complete and it ‘s removable. Instead of degrading your vehicle’s resale value, it actually preserves it thanks to the fact that vinyl protects the original paint of your automobile and doesn’t damage it when it’s time to take it off.

Car Colour Wraps’s team of vinyl wrap experts will install the material with minimal seams, no bubbles, no tears and absolutely no wrinkles. You can also expect proper tucking over corners, making it appear like the material came with the car by default.

Vinyl Racing Stripes

Looking to give your car a more aggressive look? Vinyl racing stripes are the best way to do it. These aesthetic additions instantly produce a sportier appeal on your vehicle, making it a head-turner without breaking the bank. Car Colour Wraps has a variety of vinyl wrap colors in stock, so you’ll be able to add the perfect accent to your paint job.

Unlike color change vinyl wraps that cover the entirety of your vehicle’s body, racing stripes only need to be installed over small sections of it. This means that the vinyl has to be installed with the utmost care and precision. Fortunately, our team of vinyl wrap experts have the tools, skills, and experience to do just that. When you get your racing stripes from Car Colour Wraps, you can be sure they’re exactly on the right spots and at the right sizes.

Vinyl Hood Wrap

Want to give your vehicle a slight color accent and not a full color change? A vinyl hood wrap job might just be what you’re looking for. As the name of the service suggests, this is a wrap that covers only your hood, giving it a sportier two-tone look without overhauling the entire aesthetic. If your hood has some damage or scratches, this is also an excellent way to cover them up and restore your car’s appearance.

Our team of professional vinyl wrap installers can cover your hood and make it look like it’s been repainted as opposed to just covered. With years of experience, we’ve perfected the art of laying vinyl over car bodies without bubbles, wrinkles and tears. After polishing, the vinyl will gain a metallic sheen that will have most people assuming that you had your hood repainted.

Car Wraps

For our savvy business owners that know every trip their fleet takes is an advertising opportunity, we offer our “Billboard On Wheels” full color designed, printed, and laminated wrap. No creative inspiration? No problem – we have a creative mastermind in our shop who can suit your fleet up to impress customers and competition.
What does your business have – vans, trucks, passenger cars? The bigger they are, the more talking they can do as we see it. Don’t waste that space! Every day you are getting hundreds if not thousands of potential impressions. If you sell to the public then why not drive traffic to your phones or website. Or you use vans and trucks for delivery, you can brand your vehicles for further recognition and credibility.
Our full color vinyl wrap solutions for business is an A-to-Z Done For You service. Come in with your plain jane car, truck, SUV, or van and we will transform it into a moving lead generator.


Get a wild and completely custom new look while preserving your factory paint at the same time. A vinyl wrap doesn’t carry the fat price tag of a new paint job and it doesn’t require goopy sprays like dip. You get all of the color PLUS the hot chromatic or matte look that only wraps can bring.
We also have several different carbon fiber style films, which also look fantastic for accent panels and vehicle stripes.
Anybody can pick out a nice factory shade, but the real head-turners are wrapped. It’s labor intensive but so worth it, and the best way we’ve found to get that smooth & sleek matte finish.
We have all sorts of vinyl colors available from flat matte to more dimensional metallic colors. We use quality 3M and Avery films for our vinyl wraps, which carry a lifespan of about 4-5 years in the desert on a garage kept vehicle. Gloss available on request.

Vinyl Roof Wrap

Car roofs are often the most damaged areas due to their direct exposure to the sun and the accumulation of water beads. The marks that nature will leave behind can be pretty ugly and can adversely affect your vehicle’s resale value. Fortunately, vinyl wraps can provide an affordable and effective solution to this problem. This layer of physical protection also gives your car a two-tone look, making it look sportier and more exciting.

From an installation perspective, vinyl roof wraps are probably the hardest to apply on a vehicle. The elevation, the protrusion of the antenna and the ridges on the roofs of some vehicle models can make the process pretty complicated. Fortunately, Car Colour Wraps has a team of experts who’ve accumulated years of experience on this vinyl application. When you entrust your vinyl roof wrap job to us, you can be sure that the vinyl comes out evenly placed, precisely cut and free of wrinkles and bubbles.

Vinyl Pinstripes

Does vinyl pinstriping on automobiles sound old-fashioned to you? Think again. Pinstripes are making a comeback of sorts and cars with these accents are turning heads on streets across South Africa. Whether you want something to accentuate racing stripes on your car’s body or you just want subtle aesthetic touches to make your vehicle a little less plain, this might just be what you need.

Vinyl pinstriping is a delicate and exact process that requires expert hands and state of the art equipment. Fortunately, we have both of those in spades. Our team of vinyl wrap experts can apply pinstripes at the exact spots on your vehicle body to make sure they’re evenly installed and are complementary to your car’s current aesthetic motif.

Vinyl Pinstripes

You may not realize it, but side mirrors are more prone to scratches and damage than just about any part of your car. The fact that they’re spread out means that they have a higher tendency to get hit by pebbles, seeds and other debris that go flying on the road at high speeds. Installing vinyl wrap on your side mirrors not only adds an aesthetic flair, but they also provide an extra layer of protection that can shield your mirrors from small impacts.

If you decide to get your side mirrors vinyl wrapped, come to Car Colour Wraps for professional installation services. Side mirrors are particularly tough to vinyl wrap due to their curvatures and irregular shapes. It takes a lot of experience to wrap them in a way that the vinyl doesn’t wrinkle, bubble up or tear. Thankfully, our team of installers have done this job dozens of times and they’ll give your side mirrors a look that’s almost indistinguishable from factory painted ones.

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