What is a vehicle wrap?

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What is a vehicle wrap?

The short and sweet example; a vehicle wrap is a giant sticker with customizable colors, images, or designs that is put onto the painted surface of a vehicle. This is done with pressure sensitive vinyl that is applied by the hands of one of our great installers. Wraps can be installed on just about any surface, however we primarily see cars, vans, trucks, sprinter vans, food trucks, box trucks, etc.

What are the benefits of wrapping my vehicle?

So, so many. To name a few, unlike a paint job it doesn’t affect the resale value of the vehicle, it doesn’t void a leased vehicle warranty, costs much less, can look much better than paint, are completely customizable, easier to patch area if there’s an accident, cheaper to wrap one part of a vehicle than get it painted, and hides dings and scratches. Most importantly, because of it’s fully customizable nature, it will get your business noticed.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

There are a lot of variables that go into pricing a vehicle wrap so it’s hard to give one universal number. The standard we give for budgeting is $10-$16 per square foot. However, sometimes a complex design  can add cost, or if you need us to create one for you that will add on.

The quotes we present to our clients are all inclusive of what you will see and get out of your vehicle wrap. We use high quality cast vinyl, the best color matching and management out there, overlaminate to protect your wrap for UV rays and scratches, and premium installers to ensure that your wrap looks amazing. If you are comparing proposals between companies, make sure to reach out the companies and see what materials they are using, and that their installation and design fees are included in their bids.

What elements are considered when calculating the cost of my vehicle wrap?

There’s a lot more than just 5 seconds on the calculator. When pricing, we consider design, timing, installation including difficulty (cars with more curves are harder to wrap and can be more expensive), size of the vehicle, and the amount of the vehicle being wrapped.

Are vehicle wraps permanent?

Vehicle wraps usually last around 4 or 5 years, but can sometime last up to 10 years. It really depends on the conditions the vehicle is driven and stored in. After the the standard 4 years, the wrap should come off leaving little to no residue, returning the vehicle to its original color.

Will a vehicle wrap damage my paint?

In most cases this shouldn’t be an issue. If you are very worried, talk to your supplier and consider pre-testing before wrapping. If the paint is old and brittle or if you have a painted bumper, the vinyl may remove some of the paint in these cases.

Can I see through vinyl on the windows?

It is possilbe if you use perferated window vinyl. Known more commonly as window perf, it is vinyl with holes in it that allow light to come in, as well as let you see out of. From inside the vehicle it should look like your windows are tinted, while on the outside you can see a printed graphic. In most states it’s illegal to have window perf on the wind shield or on the driver or passenger windows. However, it is legal to have window perf on the rear windowshield or rear windows.

Do I need to wash my vehicle before installation?

Absolutely. You should wash your car the day or the day before you bring your vehicle in for installation. Not only is there an additional cleaning fee of $100 if you don’t, but if you didn’t wash it at all, you’d have bits of dirt and debris under the vinyl that would stand out when the installation is completed. Avoid this problem, save yourself some money, and wash the vehicle.

How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?

Again, this will likely vary from case to case. Larger vehicles with complicated wraps and a large surface area will take longer than a smaller vehicle with a simple logo on the side. A standard wrap (e.g. full wrap of a Toyota Prius) should take about 1-2 days. We build an extra 24 hour buffer after the installation is completed to allow for the vinyl to adhere 100% to the vehicle.

How do I care for my vehicle after it’s been wrapped?

We actually have a whole page about this.

Is it easy to remove vinyl graphics from my vehicle?

It will come up easily when you want it to, but not so easily that someone could do it on accident. We use a heat gun to soften the adhesive and remove it. If the vinyl has been on for a long time, it will be harder to pull off because it’s more brittle.


Ensure that all the franchise graphics have the most updated and correct information about the company.


All the vehicles in the fleet should have wraps and graphics that are coherent in representing the brand they endorse.


A franchise vehicle with dirty or damaged wraps and graphics undermine the pristine impressions of the brand.


Make sure that the franchise vehicle wraps and graphics communicate with both internal and external customers. 

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